Wet Paint

This series explores the interactions between light and water. The initial drive in making these images was a camera-nerd’s appreciation of light and a surfer’s habit of mind-surfing any moving water that has the right shape. Over time, the series evolved into a more focused, minimalist approach of stripping away detail. Using selective composition and exposure allows us to appreciate the few elements of form and movement and color palette that stand out in each magic moment where light and water come together.

The slow shutter technique used to make these images is what lends a paint-brushed appearance to the work and it happens in camera, not in Photoshop or on the computer.

We are all constantly dealing with ever-increasing volumes of information and distraction - I think one of the reasons I so enjoy making these images is the reductionist nature of the exercise. Many people use headphones to block out excess, distracting background sound. Using a slow shutter to eliminate detail feels almost like putting on a set of visual headphones, slowing down, blocking out a lot of the visual noise, and creating a space to focus on what I find interesting and beautiful.